It's been a long four months, here's a brief update. Crime Pill #19.
Thirty AK-102's missing in Narathiwat, one found on a slain insurgent. Crime Pill #18
Saunas, meth, and covid — oh my! 60 party-goers were arrested in the raid, most have pleaded guilty to a variety of crimes. But there’s more to the sto…
And tell me you don't hear that rumble. Crime Pill #16.
And did you ever wonder how much opium Thailand produced in 1978?
Remember that 316 kilos of crystal meth found in Australia?
And what about the rest? Well, that's where we step in.
And I'm here to share the weekend's bounty of Thai crime news.
The best stories die with those that hold them.
But for some reason, the crooked love Thailand.
And hotels have been the scene for some of my fondest memories.
History is the only insurance policy True Crime Thailand needs.