When is part 2 of the Chuck Ditlefsen story dropping?

It's been a long four months, here's a brief update. Crime Pill #19.

Dear expats and readers,

There’s a not insignificant amount of you who came to know of True Crime Thailand by way of the Chuck Ditlefsen story, which I published on January 27th.

Stickman linked the story on his final weekly newsletter before announcing a hiatus — and this still brings a couple hundred readers per month to the Chuck Ditlefsen piece.

A few of you have sent me messages asking when the follow-up to Chuck’s story is going to be sent out. I’m happy to say, with confidence: soon.

I won’t put a solid date on that, because I know myself all too well — if I don’t get it out by a self-imposed deadline, it’ll put me in the dumps. But I will say it again: the follow-up is coming soon.

The past four months have been illuminating. I’ve talked to around 10 people from Chuck’s past, all of them chipping in with their memories, stories, and facts about Chuck.

There’s a greater depth to the story than I initially found in the course of researching the first piece. A depth of the man, Chuck, and of the people surrounding the case.

I’ve also been in contact with a journalist who was working on a story about the murder. He has told me he’s impressed with the level of research I put into the story, and he recently offered to hire me to do “research on the Thai end of things” as he writes his own story about the case.

After consulting a trusted advisor, my answer is simple: no, I’m doing the story my way — and I’m damn sure it’ll be better that way.

To be frank, if you wagged a million bucks in front of my face, I’d probably tell you the same.

But I’m not stingy — I shared a bit of bounty from research I’ve done on characters involved in the case. Just to give you a taste: there’s a company in Hong Kong, still in good standing, which is of particular interest to the case. I dug up records of when the company was founded, who registered their website domain, and full business details in Hong Kong databases.

Oddly, the journalist never responded after that. I reckon it must be to be outfoxed by a two-bit gumshoe, an amateur without a single byline. But maybe that’s just me talking with a puffed-up chest, a bit too prideful.

Fact is, I need to write the damn story already and get it out there.

I’m actually glad that I waited to put out part two. Why? Because even last week another person who worked for Chuck got in touch with me. He corroborated a bit about Chuck that I’d heard from another source, and which brings his character out in a crisper way.

And I know that a couple people reading this right now knew Chuck. That’s partly why I decided to dedicate this Crime Pill to Chuck, as a prelude to part two — and as a final call: if you have anything you’d like to share about Chuck Ditlefsen, please do.

I’ll leave this dispatch on that note.

Tomorrow, I’m planning to take a closer look at this case, where according to the report, “U.S. authorities are ramping up their Foreign Corrupt Practices Act investigation of Toyota, with federal prosecutors impaneling a grand jury in Texas as they seek any evidence the carmaker bribed top Thai judges to overturn a $350 million tax judgment, according to a U.S. law enforcement official and documents related to the investigation.

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That’s all for today…

Until tomorrow’s Crime Pill, stay safe out there everybody.

- True Crime Thailand